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Project Evaluation

The project team are pleased to announce the appointment of Belanda Consulting to undertake two areas of work associated with evaluation.  Dr. Jacqueline (‘Jay’) Dempster will be working closely with the project team to: evaluate the overall project and support the eight trial projects in evaluating their own areas of work. Consultant Helen Beetham will be working … Read more

Online Communities of Practice: maintaining interest

The first cluster meeting was held on 19th January 2010 and hosted by The University of The Arts London. The theme was ‘Online Communities of Practice: maintaining interest’ and 5 Trial projects were represented. Paul Lowe introduced the topic drawing upon the work of Etienne Wenger. He made the point that Communities of Practice describe … Read more

Pitch & Perfect

When planning the ‘Trialling of Online Collaborative Tools for BCE’ project our team discussed various methods for identifying and selecting the nine trials required to take part.  After much deliberation the team decided upon a model/method/framework (call it what you will) of ‘Pitch & Perfect’.  We must stress the pronunciation of perfect as ‘puh-fect‘.  The … Read more

Collaborative Tools to Support Business and Community Engagement

Business and Community Engagement (BCE) is the strategic management of interactions, partnerships and transactions with partners and clients external to the institution. The scope of engagement includes the commercial sector, the public sector (including charities and trusts), the cultural landscape and the social and civic arena. JISC, through its Advisory Services, is running a project … Read more