Collaborative Tools at EUNIS 2011

Our latest dissemination activity was in the form of a poster at EUNIS 2011 outlining the role that IT services can (or not!) play in supporting collaborative online tools for BCE activities.

Andy did a great job with the poster design and it really caught the eye as you looked along the exhibition space. Some interesting discussions resulted from this display.

One of the conference presentations that I really enjoyed, and that is relevant to this space, was:

Strategies for Implementation of Web 2.0 Tools in Academic Education by Goran Bubas, Ana Coric, Tihomir Orehovacki, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin, Croatia

This paper won the Dørup Award 2011 and is well worth a read. The full paper can be found here: Although aimed at Learning and teaching, there are resources that could be used in the Collaborative Online Tools for BCE arena.

Our next poster exhibition is at the Higher Education Academy Conference. Unfortunately I cannot attend this year (the first time missed for this conference 🙁 ) so Doug Belshaw of JISC infoNet and Chris Turnock from the Northumbria University Trial Project will represent the project. The focus is internationalisation of the curriculum and features Northumbria University and the University of the Arts, London.