Post-project developments

We’ve been quite quiet recently and so thought it was worth giving you a brief update on our activities post-project. We closed the project on a real high with the final showcase event and launch of the online guidance, however there were one or two follow-on actions that JISC infoNet were tasked with.

The first of those tasks is to ensure appropriate dissemination and communication of the online guidance and so where possible we’re submitting papers/abstracts/posters to various conferences that cover a wide range of appropriate stakeholder groups. One session that we have confirmed is the JISC Conference 2011 on the 15th March. Jacquie Kelly will be leading a mini interactive workshop with three of the original project partners (Erik Bohemia, Brian McCaul & Paul Lowe) which highlights how online tools can really empower/enable effective collaboration. We’d love to see you at that session and we’ll keep you posted on any other successful proposals!

An image from a session the collab tools project ran at JISC 2010

The second task on our agenda is to maintain and improve the online guidance. A couple of things here:

  • Trial projects are continuing to feed us with updates on their success and so where relevant we’re updating the case studies to reflect this.
  • Videos from the final showcase event were added extras to the project. Rather than hold these back we decided that they’d be made live without transcripts. The transcripts are nearing completion and will be added to the videos very soon!
  • Brian McCaul’s work on Knowledge Transfer 2.0 really captured the imagination of those attending the final showcase event however the trial project only scratched the surface. JISC infoNet will be working with Brian to develop a full resource, the KT 2.0 Effective Practice Guide – watch this space.

If you have any feedback on the online guidance as it stands please feel free to add a comment below or get in touch with us at JISC infoNet. We look forward to hearing from you!