Wimba Connect 2010 Reflections

Paul Lowe, University of The Arts London, presented at 2 sessions at Wimba Connect 2010. One was about OPEN-I (his Trial Project that is part of the ‘Trialling of Collaborative Online Tools for BCE’ Project) in a joint presentation with Phil O’Hara entitled ‘reaching over walls’. In this presentation they both focused on using Wimba web conferencing to interact with dispersed communities outside of the traditional university. Phil’s project is a continuing professional development program for pharmacists across Canada, and has over 2,000 participants distributed all over the country regularly attending live sessions to maintain the necessary professional qualifications to continue to practice.

Paul commented:
‘this session went well, and there was a good synergy between the presentations, Phil focusing more on the detail of running the web conferences and mine more on the broader picture of how to build and develop a community of practice’.

There were some good questions which illustrated that whilst some people are really engaging with the concepts of communities of practice there are many who are not familiar with it at all.

For details of Paul’s 2nd session and his thoughts on the conference visit his blog at http://eflections.edublogs.org/

Phil O’Hara is Assistant Director (Teaching), Academic Computing Services at Dalhousie University.