Project Evaluation

The project team are pleased to announce the appointment of Belanda Consulting to undertake two areas of work associated with evaluation.  Dr. Jacqueline (‘Jay’) Dempster will be working closely with the project team to:

  • evaluate the overall project and
  • support the eight trial projects in evaluating their own areas of work.

Consultant Helen Beetham will be working with Jay on the overall evaluation, and providing links to other areas of JISC work where appropriate.  These are exciting times; as the trial projects are close to completion, the project team will be synthesising project outputs/outcomes and disseminating key findings across UK further and higher education.

The project team will meet with Jay and Helen in the near future to refine plans for the two evaluation activities; if any of the trial projects have any comments or questions please feel free to add them below or email the project team directly.

On a final note, we’d like to thank everyone that submitted an expression of interest to undertake the work.  The quality and diversity of bids was exceptional! The marking process was certainly difficult for us, but the outcome is sure to be beneficial for the project as a whole.