Expression of Interest – Evaluation and Support

The Trialling of Collaborative Online Tools for Business and Community Engagement Project (BCEct Project)

The overall project aims to enhance the use and awareness of web technologies in collaborative practice undertaken by BCE practitioners across Further and Higher Education. The project is funded by the JISC BCE Programme, and runs from 1st July 2008 to 31st July 2010.

1. Evaluation (Max. Funding Available £8,000)

JISC infoNet  would like to commission an evaluation of the BCEct project following guidelines (evaluation handbook 2007) provided by JISC .  The project team expect the evaluation project to:

  • Analyse and, where appropriate, suggest amendments to current project documentation e.g. the stakeholder analysis, project plan.
  • Design and provide an appropriate methodology in agreement with the project team for carrying out an evaluation of the project.
  • Gather appropriate evidence from across the project and provide an analysis of the evaluation data gathered.
  • Provide an evaluation report, including an executive summary and PowerPoint presentation.

An overall evaluation framework exists for the BCE Programme and any successful bidder will be expected to work effectively with both the programme evaluator(s) and project team.  The project team estimate this work to take approximately 15 days (111hrs).

Where applicable the project team will be willing to support reasonable travel and accommodation costs (outwith maximum funding given above), however we envisage most of the work to take place remotely.

2. Supporting Trial Projects (Max. Funding Available £6,000)

The BCEct project includes eight trial projects  from across Further and Higher Education in the UK.  JISC infoNet would like to commission an organisation to support each trial project in the evaluation of their individual work.  The project team envisage this support in the form of one day workshops.  Workshops will:

  • Provide each trial project with guidance on effective evaluation practices.
  • Support each trial project in a practical start on their evaluation.
  • Provide an initial synthesis of lessons learned so far across our range of partners.

The project team estimate this work to take approximately 10 days (74hrs).  The project team will support travel, accommodation and facilities where applicable (outwith maximum funding given above).

Deadline and Submission

The deadline for expressions of interest is 12th February 2010.  It is envisaged that bidders will be notified of the outcome of the marking process by 19th February 2010 and that work will commence on or around 1st March 2010.  JISC infoNet will accept one overall proposal for the above areas of work if an applicant wishes to combine them.  Proposals should be submitted to using the subject line ‘BCEct EOI‘.

JISC infoNet may require clarification on your bid and therefore require contact during the week commencing 15th February 2009.  A template for submitting your proposal is available for download here:  Expression of Interest Template.

Structure of Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Relevant experience in the area of project evaluation.
  • Credibility/Track record, it would be favourable to include recommendations where possible.
  • Project Management.
  • Feasibility of approach.
  • Value for money.

1 thought on “Expression of Interest – Evaluation and Support

  1. Jay Dempster

    Great to meet everyone at the interim meeting. Wow, that room was hopping with ideas and everyone worked so hard – gruelling but rewarding I hope. I gathered lots of value to inform the evaluation work that Helen Beetham and I are doing with you.

    I’m looking forward to our detailed discussions at the institutional visits when we can focus on your individual evaluative activities and how we can evidence and showcase your case studies.

    To your great success! Jay

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