Spotlight On …….Knowledge House

Knowledge House

Knowledge house recently developed a questionnaire to identify the procedures required to effectively tailor KHIS2, their web-based collaborative project tool used by Knowledge House and the five North East Universities to manage Third Strand revenue generating projects. This was completed by potential users and a draft training manual completed.

One of the major issues the trial project faced was losing its original trial partner; this happened not long after the start of the project. As a result, Knowledge House identified two potential new trial partners and held meetings to discuss the benefits of the trial. One North East’s (ONE) Inward Investment team have now come on board and Rachel Armstrong and Paul Cranner will now be working with closely with them to get a technical specification together for the customisation needed to be make KHIS suitable for their work.

Over the next few months the trial project will commence the training of ONE Inward Investment personnel then commence and monitor the trial.