Project Partners Announced

We are pleased to announce that the following have been chosen to be partners in this project:

  • University of Leeds (contact – Brian McCaul)
  • Northumbria University (contacts – Erik Bohemia, Chris Turnock)
  • University of the Arts (contact – Paul Lowe)
  • University of Glamorgan (contact – Pam Voisey)
  • West Yorkshire Lifelong Learning Network led by the University of Huddersfield (contact – Brian Hackett)
  • Knowledge House (the 5 universities of the north east of England) (contact – Rachel Armstrong)
  • Midland Health Academy led by Birmingham Metropolitan College) (contacts – Sue Woodward, Lynda Austin
  • New College, Swindon (contact – Stephanie Warren)

Unfortunately, the University of Hertfordshire (contact – Paul Findlay) have had to withdraw from the project.

The Project Team would like to thank Jane Aldred who set up the trial project at The University of Huddersfield.

The 8 partners are working on ‘Perfecting’ their trial proposals and further details will be posted here in early March.

The 8 represent a range of institutions, BCE contexts and tools to be trialled. We are really looking forward to working with them over the next 18 months and the Showcase event scheduled for June/July 2010 should be well worth attending.

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